Who Are We?

Halal Bubs was established by two sisters, both who found a huge lack of quality halal Baby food.
Maryam and I began this initiative as we felt guilty buying store brought food, and wanted to provide our children homemade food! And so Halal Bubs was born,providing delicious foods for our future ummah.

Halal Bubs is a great initiative providing halal wholesome homemade food for our precious little gems.

One of the amazing benefits of home cooked food, is knowing that your food is made by mothers, who are hand selecting the finest ingredients and putting together delicious meals.

There are no worries about food going off or any machine faults.

Our Chef Maryam has extensive field knowledge and worked under many reputable chefs such as Matt Moran.

Maryam was part of the team at Aria Waterfront Restaurant. Maryam was trained at William Blue.


Halal Bubs is founded by Mothers and a Chef. It is our aim to ensure all food fed to our little gems is not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious, We Love knowing Mum & Bubs are enjoying our food.

All our meals are made with fresh ingredients purchased on cooking day and flash frozen to ensure optimum freshness with no nasty’s.


Most importantly, Halal Bubs gives mothers piece of mind knowing where their meat and chicken has come from.

We Also offer Hand Slaughtered meat and chicken as an added option.Notify the team upon ordering.