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Try Our Fresh Halal Baby Food, made by a Chef




Halal Bubs

Halal Bubs is a great new initiative offering Halal home cooked Baby Food. Its the first company of its kind.
No longer do parents have to worry that their child may ingest un-fresh, pre-packaged and sometimes even mouldy food.

Two sisters founded Halal Bubs. Both Sarah and Maryam (photo) gave birth 2 months apart. When the time came to introduce food, they were immediately concerned with the lack of Halal fresh food on offer. 

Sarah who is a teacher and Maryam who is a chef both lead busy lives. They began the search for something suitable on the market and was disappointed that there was nothing on offer, and so Halal Bubs was born.

Initially started to feed their own children, they soon realised that this was a service to offer other children. Since this day, Halal Bubs has been overwhelmed with the huge amount of support and demand. May Allah Put Barakah in our business and clear our intentions Ameen.


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